Why This Market is (still) Great for Housing Hacking… for at least a bit longer

The real estate market is really, really hot right now. And that makes it very difficult indeed to find good deals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do well in real estate. Indeed, this market is (still) great for new investors trying to get their first step in the door.

Because rates are so low, it’s a great time to buy with a homeowner loan. And yes, despite having gone up recently, rates are still historically very low and below inflation, which shouldn’t happen. Yes, it’s hard to find a home to buy, but they are still out there. And homeowner loans, FHA or not, are fantastic. House hacking and buying to live in but keeping the house as a rental when you move on, are great strategies. And with low rates, they are even more attractive.

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Andrew Syrios

Andrew Syrios

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