There Is NOT Going to be a Tsunami of Evictions | Eviction Moratorium Ending (Eventually)

This was filmed prior to the CDC extending the eviction moratorium until October 3rd. Where exactly the CDC got the right to overrule the Supreme Court and write its own legislation is the topic of another video.

Regardless, whenever the moratorium does end (assuming it eventually does) and despite what the media has repeatedly said, there is not going to be an onslaught of evictions with millions of people thrown out on the streets now that the federal moratorium is over. Yeah, hysteria is good for business in the news media, but it’s (rightfully) damaged their reputation. This is no different.

Yes, there is going to be an uptick in evictions (how could there not be?) but there will be no tsunami. The evidence just doesn’t support it.

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Andrew Syrios

Andrew Syrios

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